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About Infinite Aviators

At 4 years of age I was riding up in the cockpit of Boeing 737’s.

My father was head of Airport operations and I had many days being babysat by different airport staff including the airliner pilots on their daily routes.

Aviation is not only in my blood, I was born into it.

At 16 years I went solo, however by the age of 18 my journey led me away to business and self discovery.

I became an International speaker, trainer and coach. I spoke on the stages of the world on Human Potential and Self Actualisation.

16 years later I came back to Aviation and finished what I started by gaining my Private Pilots license.


“You can take an individual away from aviation but you cannot take aviation out of an individual.”

Today I fly as an aerobatic pilot and I love sharing aviation with not only the aviation enthusiast but also those who are still discovering their passion to fly and soar within the world of aviation!

Welcome to my world, a world of inspiration, transformation and aviation!

Amir Zoghi
Pilot and founder of Infinite Aviators


Why Infinite Aviators…

Infinite is the potential we have, it’s what all great Pilots possess, an ability to stay clear, present and bring their natural instinct into their flying skills. Infinite is about bettering ourselves in being not just a good pilot, but a GREAT Pilot!

Aviators is who we are, it’s the game we play, it’s sharing the joy we have for flight.